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Rising Stars: The Sweet Journey of Donut Star Cafe


Welcome to Donut Star Cafe – where passion, dedication, and family blend to create a symphony of sweetness. We are a family bakery in Utah that makes the best donuts.

Our passion for delicious treats has made our journey amazing. Join us as we explore the story of Donut Star Cafe. This journey is fueled by love, strength, and the pursuit of excellence.

A Baker's Odyssey:

Our tale begins in 1986, when Dave, our founder, embarked on his baking journey in the cozy town of Susanville, California. Starting in a small bakery, Dave honed his skills, laying the foundation for what would become a lifelong love affair with the art of baking.

Climbing the Baking Ladder:

Dave's passion and talent propelled him from covering shifts to becoming a supervisor overseeing nine bakery locations in Utah. His dedication and expertise in crafting mouthwatering treats set the stage for the next chapter in our story.

From Alaska to Utah:

In 2017, the original owners of Donut Star recognized Dave's donut-making prowess and brought him on board. Despite the setbacks of a pandemic-induced closure in Alaska, Dave's unwavering commitment to baking remained unshaken.


Home Sweet Home:

Returning to Utah, Dave transformed his love for baking into a home-based business, selling his famed cinnamon rolls. The demand grew, leading to a collaboration with Donut Star, who generously offered their facilities. In 2020, Dave seized the opportunity and purchased Donut Star.

A Pandemic Pivot Pays Off:

Despite the challenges of acquiring a struggling business during a pandemic, Dave's dedication paid dividends. Donut Star Cafe won the title of "Best Donut in Utah" in 2022.

They achieved this at the Dough Show competition. This victory demonstrates their commitment to being the best. We opened a new location this year - Donut Star Cafe South Jordan.

The Heart of Donut Star:

Dave's love for making delicious treats and his family drive his dedication. Alongside his wife, Sharon, a dedicated elementary school teacher, they have built a blended family filled with love, joy, and four adorable grandchildren.

Moments of Joy:

Dave and Sharon cherish moments camping, enjoying movies, and creating lasting memories with their loved ones. Sharon also contributes her warmth and dedication by working weekends at one of Donut Star's two locations.

Your Invitation to Sweetness:

We invite you to join us on this delectable journey at Donut Star Cafe. Come and experience our donuts, crafted with love and attention to detail. As we serve you, we aim to make your day a little sweeter and your moments unforgettable.

Thank You for Choosing Donut Star Cafe:

Your support means the world to us. Thank you for choosing Donut Star Cafe, where passion, dedication, and family come together to create unforgettable moments. We look forward to serving you, one sweet treat at a time. Welcome to the Donut Star family!

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